Canada is a land of dreams, beauty and infinite opportunities… More and more Indian students have started going abroad for their higher studies these days. In the growing list of destinations, Canada is one of the hot favorites. Starting from the ease of Canada student Visa process to top-notch universities, better living standards to lucrative job prospects, numerous reasons have boosted the popularity. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Why is Canada becoming popular for higher studies?

  1. Quality of Education: For the Canada student permit holders, the primary concern is the quality of universities and their education programs. Canada has numerous internationally acclaimed universities which are recognized globally. Some of the Canadian Universities are ranked in Top 100 Universities of the World. The practicality of the education system helps it to stand out in the big stage and open a new window to lucrative jobs and a plush life style thereafter.
  2. High Employability Rate: For most of the students, employment is the primary reason for education. The global collaborations of Canadian universities make sure that their students can land satisfactory jobs as soon as they finish college. According to the reports, Canadian universities have more than 5000 collaborations all over the world. Also, more than 90% of the students of these colleges land a job in less than six months after graduation. The universities have good relations with most of the local employers, too, which contributes to the high employability rate.
  3. Secure Visa Processing: Due to the growing popularity of Canada as a higher study destination, the student Visa processing task has been streamlined by the government. Unlike in most of the developed countries, Indian students won’t be stuck in the visa process. The Visa also offers high accountability for the holders. It also helps in landing work permits for a limited number of hours per week. But to get these facilities, the individual must be enrolled in a designated university in the country
  4. Multi-Cultural Experience: Indian students are not the only foreign nationality who prefers to enroll in Canadian universities. They welcome all the nationalities and cultures around the world. It creates a multi-cultural environment where there is much more to learn in addition to the course being offered. The Canadians are famous for their welcoming nature. Apart from the universities, you will also find many associations and groups which bring different cultures together to enrich society
  5. Government Policies: The Canadian government invests a lot of effort in the economic development of the country. They are always supportive of the research in agriculture, medicine, telecommunication, computer technology, and all the other sectors of the economy. It builds great learning and earning opportunity for the students, including the Indians. The major cities of the country like Vancouver or Toronto are known for their accessibility and safety standards.
  6. Scenic Beauty: Although you will be a student in Canada, you will surely going to explore places. Canada has a lot to offer! If you like beaches, you will find plenty of them. The Pacific and the Arctic Ocean surround the country. Also, there are four seasons every year, which brings different colors to the surrounding. Snowfall during the winters in Canada is something that you won’t want to miss for sure!

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