Anti-Fraud Policy


1. It is the right of the client to demand for a receipt for any payments made in favor of DBICVISA. The company issues a receipt for any amount of payment made in favor of DBICVISA. The company also sends an acknowledge mail to its clients through a centralized software system. For any further queries regarding payments to dbicvisa, email us on
2. You are warned against making any additional or bonus payment to any employee of DBICVISA. You are advised to immediately inform the management in a situation where a DBICVISA staff proposes to concoct your profile or document for an additional fee, suitable action will be taken against such conduct.
Important Note: The Company is not accountable for cases where a client enters into any kind of verbal or written agreement with a DBICVISA employee or their reference. In case you have paid any amount for any additional service to a DBICVISA employee, the company in no situation will be responsible.
3. We firmly disapprove of the client from availing any kind of services from vendors/third parties that may have been suggested by any DBICVISA employee as the same is not allowed or legalized by the company. The client would run the risk of fraudulent activity by indulging in such services. The company is not liable for any expenses paid by the client to any referred vendors.

Fraudulent Documentation:

 It is the thumb rule of DBICVISA to not deal with cases and clients where false information and documents have been submitted. The company accepts your application trusting the fact that the information provided by the client is true. DBICVISA is not legally responsible for any consequences caused due to the misleading/incorrect/or fraudulent information or document provided by you.
 The company will not provide any kind of fake documents on its own and only accepts applications that have documents attached by the client assuming that they are completely authentic. Our employees are stringently warned against following such illegitimate practices and doing so will lead to going against the company’s anti-fraud policies.

Mentioned below are few important points that you must follow to prevent you from being duped and rejected entry in any foreign country:

1. Keep away from being misled from any dishonest dbicvisa staff/employee who forces you to believe that the company accepts forged documents with the visa application. Application of such clients will be rejected and the person may further face a strict legal investigation from Indian authorities.
2. Never have faith in any such dbicvisa staff/employee that lures into an exchange of money or any other favors to speed up the application
process or any other important decision/process. Do not fall in such trap as the visa and immigration decisions are made only by authorized officers of the respective country.
3. Steer clear from being fooled by an imposter who is pretending to be one of the visa officers from the embassy, as genuine visa officers do not meet applicants outside the official workplace neither do they contact the applicant requesting any monetary favors.
4. Always get the latest visa information updates from the official government websites and avoid being fooled by fake website designs that might look like the official webpage or as a service delivery partner webpage.
5. Do not be tricked into a job or visa scam. Many people are being lured by such fake job offers and are tricked with visa applications. Be cautious before you hand over your passport, personal details, and hard-earned money to a person or company.

Some dishonest staff/employees of the company might advise the applicant to give fake documents or provide monetary help for convenient arrangements. The DBICVISA management abstains from doing so. Such acts may lead to loss of the investment and rejected entry from the country you wish to migrate to.

The United Kingdom and the Canadian government only welcome legitimate students, visitors, and work immigrants. The immigration office/agency in these countries does not tolerate any exploitation of the immigration system and have zero tolerance towards frauds/scams/rackets.

The immigration authorities have effective and optimum technologies to detect fraudulent documents. If they ever uncover any fake document, the visa will be rejected and the applicant will be banned with visa for 10-years along with strict actions by the Indian authorities.

Forgery is treated as a criminal offense in both Canada and the United Kingdom and might lead to rigorous penalties to those who are involved in such acts. Hence, you are advised to stay alert and keep away from any fraudulent actions and activities.

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