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Canada for your holidays this time?

For tourism and residence Canada is the top liked country for a short or long vacation. Canada is an ideal country that serves all purposes starting from studies till tour trips. An advanced Nation with best economy and frankly see-through government policies overloaded with impeccable places to visit mesmerizing beauty and rich tradition representing an excellent living of a quality life. The entire country has rich numbers of outdoor spots which is very soothing for adventure lovers, trekking mad ones, etc.

What is a visit visa?

A visit visa is a temporary one accepted for a limited period of time and is also known as non-immigrant visa. They are considered as visitors and are not allowed to work or participate in any commercial activity.


We prepare the best summary of your trip and many satisfied clients have given positive reviews on the same. We are trust-worthy, economic and approachable at any time.

Requirements of a visit visa:

  • Valid passport and other paper
  • Good health
  • Best character.
  • Assurance to leave the country showing your asset, family,etc.
  • Convince the officials on your leave on the visa expiry date.
  • Enough supporting fund for you and your family until the day of your stay.

Procedures to apply

Either you can choose to apply through online and fill up the form or reach our specialists and get a dedicated and completed work on-time for a Merry Time!

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