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Why Canada?

This is a magnetising part of the world that attracts A MILLION population to its country. Makes them feel at home with its ravishing new features and changes every year.
This wonderful country is the world’s fourth largest country in its dimension of land area and second largest in total.The Government norms are very transparent. The Quality of life is excellent for all. The social liberty is seen with limitations and there is freedom in Economy level.

What is a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)?

A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), also referred to as a visitor visa. When you are planning to visit as a visitor, student, tourist or as a worker for a limited period of time, it is a must to apply and get approval for Canada’s Temporary Resident visa or Visitor Visa for a very quantitative period of time.

Accepted visa types are

  • Single Entry
  • Multiple Entry

Single Entry Visa:

Single Entry Visa is for the permit given only once to enter the country. This visa will expire once you travel outside Canada unless you travel to America or St.Pierre and Miquelon, you would require a new visa to re-enter. But not all will re-apply for the same only business-based tourists, individuals, and other Business trip applicants will require re-entry permit. Single-entry visa is normally valid for six months.

Multiple Entry Visa:

Multiple entry is the possibility and eligibility to re-visitCanada after leaving the country for six months. This re-entry or staycan last for 180 days (6 months) without any hindrance. This visa is valid for 10 years before your passport validity expires or else the passport must renewed 1 month before expiry.

The New rule:

The new change is as follows:

Starting from February 6, 2014(00:01 EST), any visa applicant will be considered under multiple entry visa. The visa office will accept and issue the type of visa.

The required procedures are

  • Proper documents that are valid to travel such as valid passport, visa.
  • Convince immigration officer
  • Sufficient income to manage the family.

Apart from these

Proper medical examination and invitation to travel from a resident who is living in that country.

Unauthorized activities such as

  • Indulging good contact without any crime.
  • Violation of human rights.
  • Employers who do not impose this new rule will have to face the traditional method of proceedings.
  • Prohibition from safety, wellness, financial reason.

Many such a visa are rejected due to improper guidance, that it is better to connect with our experts for proper method. Completion of papers and on-time work completion. A happy stay with your family.

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