Never miss the touch of your child or the love from your parents from day 1. DBICVISA tunes everything closer.

Family happiness is the prime motive.

Canada is very fabulous country that respects the social and family value, thus their regulations are also facilitating and beneficial to the maximum extent to the family and spouse immigration process. The facilities and benefits are very much pleasing to welcome the family with minimal immigration processing regulations. Prior to landing in Canada you and your family will become a part of Indian migrants community encourages you to be a free bird on everything rather than being dependent on someone. Since the entire are almost all are working professionals and respective society members, this gives you and your family an immense knowledge.

What are the advantage of moving?

simple , who no doubt the quality of life is entirely different and moving outside from mother country has now become a cakewalk. Thus, the government also is considering on the same. The following are the benefits:

  • No disputes or ethinic values with dignity is maintained
  • The Government of Canada accepts all the family applications as a unit to develop their balanced economy.
  • The Indians are surrounded by many others of the same and is very dynamic and excellent place to bring a whole family
  • The best place for all types of developments such as education, employment, business, etc of your children. Their cost of living is economical.
  • High-level of living among the universe as you migrate you can notice the difference.

Dependent child eligibility:

  • Age limit: less than 22 years (should not have a spouse or law partner)
  • If your Dependent is above 22 years but still migrates with you the following are the conditions that are to be justified:
    • Enrolled in full time study
    • Financially dependent on you since childhood or before 22 years.
    • Financially if a 22-year-old is dependent due to physical or mental problems are accepted.

Other family members rules:

  • Orphan brothers, sisters, nephews, niece, granddaughter, grandson who are below 18 and are still dependant
  • Specified conditional relationship.

You are liable to sponsor only if you do not possess any of the above mentioned relationships.

Parent / grandparents:

  • If their retirement is within 3 to 10 years, it needs to be financially assisted by you.
  • If they possess – Defaulted court order in favour.
  • If they possess any Canadian government support
  • If they were convicted under sexual or offensive act against relatives.
  • If they have any false payment issues, late payments, immigration loan default
  • If they are currently under imprisonment
  • If they are categorised under bankrupt.

Canada Spouse Visa

Sponsorship to your spouse can be accommodated from the day of travel until the next 3 months. Make your travel very interesting one.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age Limit – 18 AND ABOVE
  • Canada citizen or Permanent Residence (PR holder)
  • Supposed to support as a pillar of the family for a duration of 3 to 10 years.
  • No sponsor to anyone else.

Spouse Eligibility

  • Should have crossed 18 years.
  • Should be commonly in legal relationship and is married.
  • Legally authorized marriage certificate issued by state, territory or provincial government if the wedding has taken place in Canada.
  • If it has taken place outside Canada, it should abide to country law and Canadian Law.
  • If the wedding ceremony has occurred in the Embassy or Consulate of the country then it must be valid legally.
  • Should not suffer from any critical health condition, or criminal convictions or offences.

If you are in common relationship then you must have lived at least a year with them to apply.
You do not need separate visa when you are making your immigration application and the IRCC with list on its own. If you mention as single, Your partner will not be added.
For further queries you can connect with our experts and find the right choice.

Documentation process is the same as others. These visa norms are subjected to change as per updation on the regular basis. For further queries you may feel free to contact our service providers in person or over the phone. Our client service providers are always available.

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