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Canada LMIA is based visa gives a chance to reside and work in Canada up to four years. With a minimal conditions this LMIA can be converted to Permanent residency and it requires employment opportunity from a Canadian employer. The basic key aspects are to be covered.

Meaning and significance of LMIA:

Every employer in Canada must fetch a positive LMIA to hire overseas candidates. LMIA is issued via Employment and Social Canada(ESDC) assures that no candidate or employee is accepted to the province without proper checking. The LMIA must meet the requirement to protect employers and labours in Canada.
Following a prolonged stay on LMIA visa, it can be converted to PR. It is a part of economic immigration program of IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). If you have acquired CEC based on work experience.
Following LMIA PERMIT, the Work Permit can be applied with the following documents:

  • Authentic Job Offer letter
  • Contract
  • Copy of the LMIA
  • LMIA Number

Application requirements:

  • $1000 is the CAD processing fee and is not refundable in case of negative LMIA. The caregivers who stay in-house are exempted.
  • Documents that proves the business legitimacy of the employer.
  • Employer must provide the intension of the hiring. At the same time, the employers are insisted on Canadian Resident and Permanent Residents hiring rather than TFWs.
  • Sufficient document proof on the trial to hire Canadian Resident and Permanent Residents prior to TFWs.
  • The TFWs are divided as per wages like high wage and low wage position ensuring that they are paid the same wage as of Canadian labours.
  • TFWs are to be given the same quality of health support and safety standards

High wage LMIA:

With a few major changes, old LMO is the present LMIA process.

  • The old LMO is changed in a more extensive manner.
  • The Temporary Foreign Worker criteria is changed to permanent form by completing the ‘transition plan’.
  • It is better to carry more details on travel to foreign nations under work.
  • Faster processing criteria like professional traders, high salaried workers, the processing time is lesser.
  • Though there is no clear announcement is given on the new changes for this high-wage category.

Low wage LMIA:

The Low Wage and High Wage procedures differ slightly. Very strict restriction with limitation is imposed.

  • Positive LMIA are not allowed to hire more than one foreign worker in one year’s time.
  • Organisations holding more than 10 employees can not utilize more than 10% of work force.
  • Employers who do not impose this new rule will have to face the traditional method of proceedings.
  • Accomodation, food, and retail trade are not allowed for this 10 lower skill people.
  • As a high-wage LMIA process are highly charged along with application fees, lengthy application forms, detailed records and recruitment process.

Do I have any other options for LMIA permit?

Yeah, it is tough to get a LMIA permit. But, rather you can opt for permanent residence permit.


Through Express Entry you can complete your process earlier and Federal Skilled Worker stream can be obtained if, you have a minimum of 67 points and will later select the Express Entry pool with a definitive CRS score. The IRCC opens the Entry pool to select the top ranking candidates.

Processing time : unpredictable and differs between each case condition.

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