Do you AIM on High dreams? Change your future crossing borders.

Canada stands as an idol country the top cities that recognises the students who are skilled with excellent knowledge on the specified subject are given high priority in approval. Every best student is given great importance in obtaining their desired knowledge at their selected universities.

What is a Study Permit?

Study Permit Visa is the paper submission that is issued allowing foreign citizens who are a non-citizen of Canada are permitted to learn at the Designated Learning Institutions(DLI). The study in Canada is allowed and permitted to foreign nationals. The immigration documentation submitted over here needs to be checked before application and prior to your travel.

Study permit and visa are two different permission:

Along with a study permit a visa will be required which may be a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. When a study permit is accepted a visa will also be issued.

The study course, duration, location can be selected by the student (i.e) Full time or Part time. Our experts guide you throughout the process.

To pursue your career abroad:

When your school wishes your presence before the immigration department acceptance then the study acceptance will act as the permit for the next one year. And can be extended later as a student.

If the study duration gets extended post expiry of your study permit. Then, it will be a definitive process to leave the country at the expiry of the visa.

Prior to completion the validity of the permit will be lost in 90 days post completion of studies. Irrespective of the documented day.
On completion of your studies the documents given legally to the student are

  • Completion letter
  • Transcript
  • Degree or Diploma

The school joining date or the diploma/ certificate issuing/ degree certification will be verified at the earliest.

Is it possible to get back to homeland for a vacation?

Yes it is but, proper documentation needs to be shown to the immigration department on departure and on entry.

Who are eligible?

  • enrolled in continuing their education as distance education.
  • Sufficient funds for tuition fees, expenses spent on living,travel compilation of you and your family members.
  • Health fitness certificate.
  • At the expiry of the visa official expects your departure without any delay.
  • Short term study enrolled students
  • Minor children in Canada
  • Family/ staff/ foreign nationals
  • Foreign armed force members
  • Canada Indian registration
  • Continuing education
  • work -on or -off campus.

Study permit needs to be applied before starting and a certain people apply from within Canada. In some you can reach Canada and apply following entry on the port. Prior understanding on the same is very essential.

  • Slashed courier fees
  • Processing of application time is reduced
  • Proper verification on application completion is essential.
  • Instant On-time document submission.
  • Rapid updates available online on the status.

A letter sent across to most of the applicants from the Canada Immigration service indicating the location and procedure to give biometric analysis with a time frame of not more than 30 days following the payment of the charges.

  • Valid passport
  • Introduction letter
  • Valid acceptance
  • Enough fund availability.
  • Electronic travel acceptance.

Generally, study permits and visa will synchronize perfectly and get completed on the right time.

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