As legal immigration experts, extends exceptional attention to the protection of the privacy of its clients. The mentioned privacy policies of provide proper understanding to anybody who enters the company website. The website contains details on how the personal information of the client is collected, compiled, used, and dispersed by the company.


A. Collection of personal information:

 At, the personal information of the client is assembled through the applications and websites. The information is either submitted on the website by the client/user themselves or is secured while the applications are filed. The information collected includes basic details like name, age, sex, date of birth, e-mail ID, permanent address, educational qualifications, or any other demographic information pertaining to preferences and requirements.

B. Usage clause concerning the personal information of the user/client:

 Any personal information collected by DBICVISA by means of the website is used only to expand the overall experience of the client and synchronize the client with the services provided by us. The same personal information is used for further processing of the applications.

C. Safeguarding the client’s confidentiality:

 DBICVISA is committed to the use of the latest and most hi-tech security technology and measures to safeguard the personal information of the clients from getting misused. Our website prohibits unauthorized access on the site, disclosure of information, modifications, and annihilation.
 However, no security system can guarantee the complete safety of the data. The company will not be responsible in any way for any incursion or diffusion of your personal data

D. Cookies:

  What are cookies?
Cookies are files that help in storing the personal preferences of the users/clients who visit a website
 Why do cookies store information?
The motive behind storing this information is to monitor the traffic experienced by the website. However, if you disable the cookie option on your browser, you may opt for making some information inaccessible and there may be occurrences where few pages on the website might function erroneously.

E. Opt-Out:

  As an important component of the company’s privacy policy, dbicvisa offers its client the option of opting out of getting any promotional emails from us. If you wish to stop receiving any mailing activity, you are required to send us a mail request on Also, if you wish to stop any marketing activity or information sharing from any third party you need to mail us on

F. Changes in the privacy clause:

  If there are any changes to be made in your personal information on our website, it must be done at the earliest.
 DBICVISA has the right to change entire or certain parts of the company’s privacy policy at any given point of time as reckoned by us. Nevertheless, any changes made in the privacy policy will be notified through regular updates that can be viewed in the update section of the website.

F. Doubts about our Privacy Policy:

  In case the user/client has any uncertainty or unresolved queries regarding the DBICVISA Privacy Policies, please feel free to get in touch with the company through email on

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