THINK OF CANADA. REACH GREAT HEIGHTS IN THE GLORIOUS NATION! Are you 21 and possess 3 years’ experience? Get nominated for PR

Canada is the first and foremost country for students and professionals, offering the skilled person a broad array of options to stand as one among the top most developed economic country in the world. The privileges for Canadian PR are free healthcare, education, protection with law, sponsorship opportunities etc. The PR holders can migrate to US as well are eligible to be a citizen in 3 years of stay. With the Express Entry Immigration System a rapid migration is made feasible to the North American Province and ideal migration is made feasible within 1 year.

Application under PNP visa process as canadian worker spends more time through fast recovery process. All immigrants who possess the following characteristics enjoy the best service from DBIC VISA.

  • Basic eligibility requisites:
  • Age limit: 21 years of age.
  • Minimal points on assessment grid.
  • Language proficiency
  • Minimal experience required.

To check on the eligibility match you can consult our experts. They provide the best guidance on the PNP Program.

Documentation checklist
  • Attested declaration from self and family.
  • Dependants signed additional declaration.
  • Past work experience letters, educational documents, identity proofs.
  • Family member applicant.
  • Travel document (Passport, Visa with validity)
  • Language proefficiency.
  • Documents – civil ad legal
  • PCC
  • Health proofs
  • Recent photographs.


  • Decide on the location in Canada and apply according to the province or territory.
  • Apply for Permanent residence
  • Submit expertise entry portfolio
  • Get nominated for Express Entry
  • Following nomination, get invited for PR
  • Application filing
  • What if not accepted? After five years you can reapply.
Visa Program

Accepts candidates through different pathways. The various benefits are own limit of applications are accepted from each province, the national Federal Workers’ visa holds maximal processing time while, SINP does not. The eligibility of CLB is 4.5 band. Each state government can decide the immigrants according to their convenience.


  • Resident legal validation
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) – 4
  • Education and post-secondarya training – minimum 1 year
  • Salary
  • Proof of work experience in Saskatchewan
  • Sufficient fund to survive in Saskatchewan
  • 60 points upon 100 point grade system.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

  • Sufficient document proofs for residence
  • 60 points for 100.
  • 2 years work experience in concerned field.
  • Settlement plan fulfiling.
  • 4.5 band in IELTS
  • More 21 years and less than 45 years.
  • Occupation demand valid job offer
  • Degree – must at least possess UG or equivalent
  • Settlement Plan Manitoba
  • CLB score must be 6 and all stages of exam must be of same cader.
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